We’re all for education, so here at Cask we like to throw weekly public tastings to introduce our customers to new products. We host representatives of different brands to come to our stores to pour tastes and talk about the production and origin of their wares. During these little events, we’ve tasted everything from Islay Scotch and Japanese Whisky to California gin and Kentucky Bourbon. This is a chance to get to know a product you already love better or to learn something new. The best part is that it’s free! We update this page regularly with the tastings for the week so stay tuned!

3rd St Tastings
17 3rd St | San Francisco

Bresca Dorada Mirto
Wednesday 2/21 | 4-6pm

Carve out a little time in your week to check out this very special spirit from Sardinia, Mirto. Made from the myrtle berry (and sometimes the leaves), there are very few commercially produced Mirtos in existence. Typically this traditional spirit is made in Sardinian households from family recipes, or in restaurants as a house specialty. The producers of Bresca Dorada got their start as honey producers, so it was natural for them to add the local honey has a sweetener to their Mirto, giving it another layer of depth. The producers from the distillery will be pouring both the Mirto as well as the Mirtamaro, for those seeking something on the bitter side.

Clement Rhum Agricole
Thursday 2/22 | 4-7pm

Rum vs rhum? It’s more than just an alternate spelling, rhum agricole is a completely different style, using the fresh pressed juices of sugar cane rather than molasses. The result is a much lighter, earthier spirit. For those of you who haven’t tasted our Cask single barrel selection yet, you are missing out! This four year, bourbon barrel aged rhum has plenty of orange peel and caramelized sugar, yet finishes clean and dry. Great for cocktails, and rather satisfying alongside a nice cigar. We’ll also be pouring their unaged rhum (Premiere Canne) and citrusy Creole Shrub.

Plantation Rum
Friday 2/23 | 4-6pm

Compare and contrast! Yesterday was agricole, today is the rum most tipplers are familiar with. Molasses, the byproduct of processed sugar cane, is used to make this historically fascinating spirit. Plantation sources from islands including Jamaica, Grenada, and St Lucia, where the maturation begins in the place of origin. Later the casks are transferred to France where they are further matured at a cooler climate in the land of Cognac. We’ll be showcasing our Cask single barrel selection, a Panama rum that spent 6 years in bourbon barrels, one year in cognac barrels, and a final year in a Cabreuva cask (Brazilian native wood). This sipping rum has layer upon layer of flavor to explore! Pierre Ferrand Curacao and Plantation 3 Star white rum will also be available.

Rincon Tastings
101 Spear St Suite A4 | San Francisco

Teeling Irish Whiskey
Thursday 2/22 | 3-5pm

Time to up your Irish whiskey game. Go pot still or go home, that’s how the saying goes, right? The first new distillery in Dublin in 125 years, Teeling experiments with different barrel finishes that leave a subtle yet unique mark on each expression. For their flagship Small Batch (a blend of corn and barley), they mature in ex-bourbon barrels and then finish it off with six months in rum casks. Their Single Malt is an expert blend of whiskeys aged in Madeira, Port, Sherry, and red wine casks for different amounts of time before being married to create the final product. We’ll pour all three expressions from their core line.

Aberlour Single Malts
Friday 2/23 | 4-6pm

If you like Sherry influenced single malts from the Speyside region, and let’s be real, who doesn’t? Then you should get acquainted with the 12 and 16 year age statements from Aberlour. With their notes of spiced cake and toffee, they strike the perfect balance with their mix of bourbon and Sherry cask maturation.

College Ave Tastings
3185 College Avenue | Rockridge, Oakland

Nikka Japanese Whiskey
Friday 2/23 | 4-7pm

If you haven’t explored the world of Japanese whiskey yet, this is one of the best introductions you can get. The founder, Masataka Taketsuru, travelled to Scotland in 1918 to learn the process of distilling Scotch whisky up close and personal, studying first at the University of Glasgow. He learned craft of whisky production at the Hazelburn distillery in Cambeltown. We’ll have their Coffey Malt, Coffey Grain, and Taketsuru non age statement whiskeys.

Vivacity Spirits
Saturday 2/24 | 1-4pm

We’re excited to introduce this new line of spirits from Willamette Valley, Oregon. This woman owned and operated distillery is taking advantage of the grapes grown in the region and making her mark with unique spirits. We’ll be pouring their Vivacity Treos Brandy, a single vineyard spirit aged in French oak, as well as a Turkish Coffee liqueur and a Peruvian inspired grape brandy called P'isqu (see what they did there?).