We’re all for education, so here at Cask we like to throw weekly public tastings to introduce our customers to new products. We host representatives of different brands to come to our stores to pour tastes and talk about the production and origin of their wares. During these little events, we’ve tasted everything from Islay Scotch and Japanese Whisky to California gin and Kentucky Bourbon. This is a chance to get to know a product you already love better or to learn something new. The best part is that it’s free! We update this page regularly with the tastings for the week so stay tuned!

3rd St Tastings
17 3rd St | San Francisco

Townshend Spirits
Wednesday 8/22 | 4PM - 6PM

Kombucha! It’s not just for probiotics anymore. That’s right kids, just like beer, this lightly alcoholic juice can be distilled into something spirituous and tasty. Townshend kombucha producer, looking for a way to reduce the waste of occasional overproduction, had a custom still designed to turn kombucha into hooch-a! Different kombucha bases make up each spirit, and we’ll be pouring the Alpine Liqueur, Fernet, and Rose Spirit. One of the producers will be in town to guide you through their unique process.

Mosswood Night Rum
Thursday 8/23 | 4PM - 6PM

Mosswood founders Jake and Therese Chevedden began Mosswood Distillers in 2013, blending and aging a unique line of whiskeys. Each barrel imparts a remarkable influence on the final product without being heavy handed. We’ll be pouring their classic Espresso and Sour Beer barrel, as well as their special release, Night Rum! This three year old Jamaican rum was finished in wine barrels in their Berkeley warehouse, and you’ll want to make a daiquiri with it the minute you snag a bottle.

Dos Volcanes Tequila
Friday 8/24 | 4PM - 6PM

This is a one-off project from a Sacramento denizen who’s been travelling to to Colima, Mexico and becoming invested in the community. Nine years ago, Craig Reynolds decided to plant some blue weber agave on a close friend’s property (the project director of a charity they’d founded called Project Amigo) that stretches along the active volcanoes of the region. Because the four acre field falls short of Jalisco’s borders by a mere three miles, it cannot legally be called tequila by Mexican law. It is 100% blue weber agave, single vintage (2014) and from a single field (not very common). It is produced in the same manner as a traditional tequila. This was a one and done batch, producing 6,000 liters and then it’s gone forever. The profits go directly to the foundation, which you can check out here. Not to be missed!

Rincon Tastings
101 Spear St Suite A4 | San Francisco

Salt Point Moscow Mule
Thursday 8/23 | 4PM - 6PM

Sometimes we just need our week to go a little smoother--can’t we have just one easy thing in our lives? Even if it’s a detail as small as a delicious ready to drink cocktail in a can: vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime. All you need is a glass with some ice. Or just drink it out of the can because who has time to source a clean glass anyways. Kick back and relax, the work’s already been done for you. Tell your boss it’s just a refreshing soda, LOL joking! Wait, am I?

Half Pint Ciders
Friday 8/17 | 4PM - 6PM

Half Pint Ciders do one thing, and they do it well. Funky, fruity, and raw, from Napa to Spain, these folks know their apples and pears. We’ll start with Embark Craft Ciderworks, founded by New York apple growers who are passionate about farming and showcasing the many unique flavor profiles in craft ciders. As farmers first and foremost, they trust the apples (and in some cases, other fruits and natural ingredients) to provide the exceptional flavors in cider. No artificial ingredients added, and definitely not needed. Back to the West Coast (best coast!), we have a CA perry that’s crafted exclusively with fruit grown in a 6th generation family owned orchard on the skirts of the Sacramento River. Hemly only uses fresh pears, no artificial flavors or concentrates.

College Ave Tastings
3185 College Avenue | Berkeley

No Tastings This Week! Sorry:(