We’re all for education, so here at Cask we like to throw weekly public tastings to introduce our customers to new products. We host representatives of different brands to come to our stores to pour tastes and talk about the production and origin of their wares. During these little events, we’ve tasted everything from Islay Scotch and Japanese Whisky to California gin and Kentucky Bourbon. This is a chance to get to know a product you already love better or to learn something new. The best part is that it’s free! We update this page regularly with the tastings for the week so stay tuned!

3rd St Tastings
17 3rd St | San Francisco

Dingle Distillery *Preview* -- Coming Soon!
Thursday 6/21 | 4PM - 6PM

Dingle. Is. Back. Join us as we welcome this game-changing whiskey maker into the US after its years-long hiatus. Mary Ferriter, visiting us from the distillery all the way from County Kerry, will be pouring some tasty drams and sharing the story of the whiskey. Though still a young distillery, Dingle has been a changing force in the Irish whiskey scene, which has been, up until recently, dominated by two large companies. Its presence has engendered a revival of craft Irish whiskey. While their spirits have not yet hit the US shore (still on a boat I’m afraid), we have a preview for you to check out their vodka, gin, and obviously, their flagship single malt whiskey. You can even ask Mary to give you the dirt on our boss, whose family hails from the same region. You gotta love small towns.

Corsair Triple Smoke Cask Barrel Whiskey + Aplomado Amaro
Friday 6/22 | 4PM - 6PM

You don’t need to go as far as Islay to get your peat fix anymore, TN has you covered. If you like barbecue potato chips and whiskey, you’re gonna love this amazing dram from Corsair. While their Triple Smoke is a regular offering, you don’t often see single barrels out in the wild. Bottled at Cask strength, this 116 proof, American single malt is smoked with Beechwood, Cherrywood, and classic Peat. It’s a flavor parade. Speaking of flavor, check out this locally made amaro from Falcon spirits, the same folks who produce one of our favorite gins, Botanica. Made with artichoke, you can store this on your back bar next to Cynar, but don’t replace it. Dry, herbaceous, and bitter, with a long finish, sip after a heavy meal or toss it in your next whiskey cocktail.

Rincon Tastings
101 Spear St Suite A4 | San Francisco

Wright & Brown Rum Flight Feat. Pagan Idol Rum Cask!
Friday 6/22 | 4-6pm

Attention all rum runners! Titans of Tiki! You’re invited to a very special tasting of Pagan Idol’s barrel selection of aged rum, distilled by Wright & Brown in Oakland. Turn your home into a boozy paradise with this exclusive bottling currently only found on the back bar of Pagan Idol. Taste it side by side with Wright & Brown’s classic aged rum expression, and a very limited release of white rum that you won’t see again any time soon on retail shelves.

College Ave Tastings
3185 College Avenue | Rockridge, Oakland

Salt Point Moscow Mule
Friday 6/22 | 5PM - 7PM

Sometimes we just need our week to go a little smoother--can’t we have just one easy thing in our lives? Even if it’s a detail as small as a delicious ready to drink cocktail in a can: vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime. All you need is a glass with some ice. Or just drink it out of can because who has time to source a clean glass anyways. Kick back and relax, the work’s already been done for you. Tell your boss it’s just a refreshing soda, LOL joking! Wait, am I?

Barr Hill Gin and Vodka
Saturday 6/23 | 1PM - 4PM

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Caledonia Spirits yet, you’ll get the chance to learn about this unique Vermont distillery on Friday. Having a deep connection to the land also requires a close with relationship with the locals, in this case, the local honeybees. Located on the banks of the Lamoille River, they craft both their Barr Hill vodka and gin using raw honey, creating lovely depth and texture. We’ll be pouring their Barr Hill vodka, gin, and Tom Cat gin, aged in oak barrels. We hope you’ll beeeee there.